Monday, July 20, 2009

Its been a while...

So I've been MIA for a while now. Honestly, it wasnt because I was busy or anything, I simply didnt have much to blog about. I lead a fairly boring life... well for right now anyways... but I dont mind it. I havent even scrapped or crafted in a while.. just havent been in the mood for about a week or so now. No need to worry though, Im crafting right now. :)
Since I havent posted in a while and dont have any new projects to post about (yet) I thought Id make a post about my day job. Thats right cake decorating. When I'm not at school or at home doing homework and projects Im usually at work making a mess and playing in icing. It's not a bad gig. I do enjoy it. Since I work in a grocery store bakery I do have some limitations. For instance, no fondant... it still upsets me. I want so badly to play with fondant and see what I could come up with. Alas, buttercream is my weapon of choice. We decorate your basic everyday, boring birthday cakes, but I also do some special requests, and my favorite: wedding cakes. I figured Id share some of my decorated cakes. I have lots more on my external hard drive and at some point I'll post those pictures as well.
So first up is this orange and yellow one. Im still not pleased with how it came out but the bride was happy, so I suppose thats all that matters. This pink and blue one was done for a bride and groom who were going to the county courthouse because they could not afford a "traditional" wedding party. The grooms sister couldnt afford to get a extravagante wedding cake but still wanted to surprise them with a special cake.This three tier white beauty was for an actual wedding and gave me nightmares. I had the darndest time making this one. It looks fairly simple and straight forward but I was at the store almost all night finishing this beast up. The mother of the bride actually picked up the cake and then drove it 2 hours away-hence part of the reason it gave me such trouble. I had to make sure that it was structurally sound and would make the drive in one piece. It did. The family came back in with nothing but rave reviews for it. I loved making this little beauty! It was for a little girls christening.I just loved how gurly and cute it was.This blue and white one was actually a display cake that I made. Meaning that the inside was styrofoam but the icing and decoartions on the outside were real. This was my very first attempt at a wedding cake and Im quite proud of how it came out. It wasnt perfesct but it was decent and fairly respectable, if I do say so myself.

This next adorable cake was a special one for me. Its a baby shower cake that I made for my husbands cousins wife. I was particularly pleased with how it turned out. Its a design that I have seen on other cakes before but regardless, I was proud of myself. Note- I cannot draw to save my life, and somehow this one turned out alright, hell- more than alright!The itsy-bitsy-teenie-weeny- yellow- polka-dotted-bikini. This one was for a friends fathers birthday. I carved the shape out of cake and then used cupcakes to help form the top. Shes a little splotchy, I didnt have time to let her dry as long as I would have liked before airbrushing. Overall I am happy with how she turned out. The best part- according to my friend her father was super surprised and loved the cake!This final cake is my current favorite. Its also another display wedding cake, but I also think its my best work yet. I did repetitive detail work and tried my best to keep a steady hand. The gardenias are gum paste and then I airbrushed them to look more life like. This is the cake that is currently on display in the grocery store.

Ill be sure and post more soon. I have some pretty nifty birthday cakes that I would like to share as well. Maybe next time. Have a wonderful day!! Thanks for stopping by.

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