Monday, May 24, 2010

New photography blog!!

Here it is and man is it about time!! My new photography blog is up and running. It still needs a lot of work but at least now my pictures will quit taking over this blog!! This blog was supposed to be for all my crafty endeavours, now it can resume its original intention!! :)

Here ya go- If you have a minute- go check out the new blog and let me know what you think!!

Tiffany Herndon Photography Blog

Monday, April 26, 2010

Jason and Michelles Engagement photos

Back at the beginning of April I had the pleasure of being able to take the engagement photos for some close friends. Jason has been serving alongside Kasey for the past year over in Iraq and Michelle has been here at home waiting it out; and believe me I know what thats like. I know she is so very happy to have her fiance home finally and I was so blessed that they asked me to take some pictures for them. We went up to northern Mississippi- out to Tishomingo State Park for a wonderful afternoon of hiking and picture taking. We had a wonderful afternoon and I cant thank them enough for allowing me to captures these special moments for them. I absolutely LOVE the pictures that I was able to capture and cannot wait for their big day on June 12th!! I plan on taking many more gorgeous photos that day too!! :) I had so many good ones that I could not decide on just a few to share so enjoy!!

Jason and Michelle
I think this first picture is just adorable!

Ahhhh-maaaa-zing light!!!

This was such a fun shot to get... took a little manuevering but it was well worth it!!

One of my favorites from the day!


I love this one! Michelle looks so gorgeous here!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Last one of the day!

This was my latest shoot. I asked one of my friends if she wouldn't mind going out with me and letting me taking some pictures. I think K looks positively GORGEOUS!! I mean, she is gorgeous (as are all of my friends) but I was kind of blown away when I got home and actually looked at these up close.
I couldnt have asked for better weather, it was nice and warm with some big poofy clouds in the sky- just perfect!! Thank you K for being you- chock full of awesome sauce!


I like this one- its a little bit different, quirky; just my style.


Its so hard to choose but I really, really, really, I mean- really like this one!

So- when I go out to shoot with friends, I never have a specific place in mind. We just kind of drive around until something catchs my eye. This old, run down, abandoned house definately caught my eye.

Gotta love spring- buttercups are blooming!!

Thank you so much K!! I hope we get to do it again soon!! :)

A gorgeous family- inside and out!

So I went out for an afternoon shoot with a family of one of the girls I go to school with. I figured it would be just like any other shoot so far- go out for a few hours, take some pictures and come on home. Man, was I wrong! I had SO much fun with this family! We went out for about an hour and a half and then afterwards I ended up staying for another 2 hours just talking and enjoying the company of this wonderful family. oh, and there were brownies... and coffee :) .They are so much fun to be around and truly love each other and it's easy to see.
I was really worried because on the drive over it was super cloudy and actually started to rain, luckily we got a brief interlude and some amazing light came out. I am super happy with these images and I hope they are too!

The McB Family
Mom, Dad, and all three kids!

S is such a good, sweet, and beautiful soul and I always have fun with her. I am so happy that she asked me to come and take pictures of her and her family.

L, what can I say. You are just a charming, kind, and interesting guy! Thank you for being such an awesome sport and allowing me to get some pictures! :)

K- you are gorgeous girl! I love this picture of you and thank you so much for opening up as the afternoon went on. I think you truly shine in this picture!

We had to climb a hill... a rather steep hill, for this shot- but I think it was totally worth it.

This one is my favorite. Hands down.

I love the way Dad is looking at Mom here, you can see how much he loves her.

This one also needs to be blown up big somewhere!

Again- Thank you so much guys!! I loved every minute of our afternoon together and I cant wait to do it again. You truly are a spectacular family and I am blessed to know you. :)

So much to blog about!!

I've gotten so behind in my blogging! So today Im gonna play catch up and share three, yes 3!, different photo shoots with you today!
You might recognize this adorable little boy from the previous entry. Little C is just adorable and such a handful! I love taking pictures of him and I am so blessed that his parents wanted me to take some family pictures as well! These are two of the nicest people ever and Im so honored to be able to call them family! :) I hope these make you smile as much as they do me!!

The B Family!

SK was so happy to finally get not only some family pictures, but pictures of her and B as well.
I love this one!! I hope you do to SK!

This one just makes me want to have a kid... like now.

And there are no words for this one. It needs to be blown up BIG and hung somewhere in your house SK!

I am so in love with this picture.... I dont know what it is but it just makes me smile...

I had such a good time hanging out with the B family! Such love and playfulness. I cant wait until we get to do it again!! :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just a quickie!

I've been pretty busy lately with school, but I did manage to take a break this afternoon and take a few pictures! This is adorable "C". He is QUITE a handful but I adore him. He makes me smile everytime I get to see him! Im hoping that next weekend I might be able to get some family pictures that include his mom and dad. We'll see how the weather cooperates! :) For now- enjoy!