Monday, June 29, 2009

Puppy Smooches!

There's nothing like them; puppy smooches. That sweet puppy breath! aww! Just thinking about it makes me want to have another puppy around the house. Especially since my "puppy" is quite large now, and believe me- there is no hint of puppy breath left in him! Anyways I was going through some of my pictures and found this super sweet one of my younger brother. I just had to scrap it and I used the February kit from A Kiss on the Chic. I know it's a little late in being used (the kit) but I love pretty stuff and have this horrible tendency to hoard all the pretty scrapbooking things I have... especially if they come from A Kiss on the Chic. Laura, the owner is amazing!!! She has this uncanny ability to put together some of the most jaw dropping gorgeous kits I've ever seen. If you've never seen Laura's work, you can go HERE to view her blog.

I had such a great time putting this layout together. Almost everything on the page is from the Feb. kit. The only things that I used outside of the kit were some AC thickers and some sparklies I had just lying around.

Please excuse the horrible pictures. A new camera is on my list of things to get in the future... but for now the camera I have will have to work. :)

Aside from playing in my scrap room I had a pretty good weekend. Went out with the girls on Saturday night, just dinner and a movie but it sure was nice to hang out. Ive been needing that. We saw 'The Proposal', with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. It was hilarious- I havent laughed that hard in a while, I literally had tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard. If you get the chance- make sure you watch it!

Another note- as of tomorrow my summer is over. I go back to school and I am so not looking forward to it. For some reason I just really dont want to go back already. On the bright side, this is my last year (until I go back for my masters) seeing as how I'll graduate next May. Yay for me!! Luckily, tomorrow only starts the summer term... Ill only have one class to take until the fall semseter starts. Early Literacy II here I come!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Quick Photo session with Angus in the scrap room.

Angus and I had a brief impromptu photo shoot the other day. He was all rambunctious and playful and I decided that we needed to take some pictures for posterity. I am, after all, a scrapper. ;)

Hope You're having a wonderful day!! Ignore the mess on the scrap desk- I was in a creative mood. note- please ignore my hair as well... thank you, and now back to your regularly scheduled programing. :)

A page and a card!

Just some more scrappy goodness that Ive recently finished. This first one is just a layout that I've had sitting around waiting to be finished. It's of me a a child, about 2-3 I think, and my mom. I love this picture of my mom and I.

This second one is just a simple card that I did. I embossed the blue background using my cuttlebug and then I just sanded the background to expose the white core on the cardstock. It really makes the design pop, I think. For the hearts I used grungeboard and put a layer of modge podge down on them. I then threw on text paper (from a small dictionary that I had laying aournd and dont use) then I covered with modge podge once again. I left it to dry and then I simply sanded the edges and embossed the hearts using my cuttlebug again. After sanding the raised dots on the hearts I inked them using distress ink in worn lipstick and quickly wiped off the excess. The ink only stuck to where I sanded! The modge podge covered bits resisted the distress ink!!! How cool is that?!

A new project I just finished.

Ive never done anything like this before; I am usually a traditional scrapper with some cards and presents/crafts thrown in for good measure. I just finished my first canvas. I still haven't decided if I like it, but it was deffinately different and a good step outside the norm for me. I might try another one some day...

One thing that I do like about this piece is the texture that it has. Well, that and the shimmery shiney-ness! :) I used a lot of different projects on here. Everything from crackle paint and embossing powders to tissue paper and heavy gesso.Of course, one must not forget about the perfect pearls, primas flowers, and rub n'buff goodness!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Angus wants to say "Hi!"

Our recent encounter with a flying tree limb

So, recently we had a pretty bad storm come through. One minute all was fine and quiet, the next I was cowering in the hallway with the dog while the trees swirled around in circles outside. When all was said and done ( about 15 minutes total) and we emerged to the outside world this is what we found:Our front door is behind that tree limb. To be perfectly honest: we were EXTREMLY lucky. While I was freaking out, Kasey was going to go outside to get a smaller limb that had fallen between our cars- he didnt want the wind to pick it up and smash it into one of our cars. He turned around to say something to me just before heading out into the storm, and in that brief instant it took for him to turn around and speak to me that tree limb came crashing down. If he hadnt stopped for a minute, that limb would have hit him. By the way- thats ,my car under the tree limb. Again, super lucky that it only put a couple of dents in my car.

Thank goodness for small miracles!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just a touch of summer

These were taken earlier this month, but I just had to share them. I love the bright pink color and vibrancy of these gorgeous Lillies. I dont have many flowers growing in my yard, but the ones that do make me happy. I love walking outside to see these beauties every year. They never last long but they are splendid while here.

Thanks for stopping by!

A Quick Card

Just a quick card that I made for a friend. :) I used tons of Tim Holtz products in this card. All the stamps images are TH. Also used distress inks and some perfect pearls.

A Birthday Present

A good friend of mine recently had a birthday. To commemorate her day I made her these altered letters. She can either hang them up as wall art or display them on any kind of shelf. I must admit that I fell in love with these once I was finished and had a hard time giving them up. I adore how they came out and couldnt have been happier. I hope she enjoys displaying them as much as I did making them. I used unfinished letters from my local Hobby Lobby. I then altered them using a variety of products: My Mind's Eye papers, distress inks, Tim Holtz stamps, Prima flowers, vintage lace, and grungeboard, just to name a few. I used MME papers, vintage lace, grungeboard, crackle paints, and BG rubons for the 'L'. I think the 'O' is my favorite letter. I adore how this letter actually turned out. I used crackle paints, regular acrylic paints, distress ink,Tim Holtz stamps, pearls, and a another rubon.

You can't see it in the pictures, but the lower half of the 'V' has this neat flourished embossed on it. The 'V' has MME papers, distress ink, gesso, embossing powder (clear), a charm made by a friend in a charm swap, Prima paper flowers, and ric rac that I had lying around.
I think the 'E' was my second favorite letter. More MME papers, vintage lace, pearls, distress ink, Prima flowers, and Tim Holtz stamps.

Thanks for looking! Have a great day!! :)

A New Day

Well, here I am. Fresh and brand spankin' new to the world of blogging. This blog is mainly for family and friends, near and far, to be able to keep up with my life. I simply wanted a place to show some of my artwork, my craftiness, and some of my thoughts as well. Hopefully this blog will make things a lot easier for my family to be able to keep up with. :)

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to make this blog a lot more friendly and interesting in the near future- so stay tuned!!