Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our recent encounter with a flying tree limb

So, recently we had a pretty bad storm come through. One minute all was fine and quiet, the next I was cowering in the hallway with the dog while the trees swirled around in circles outside. When all was said and done ( about 15 minutes total) and we emerged to the outside world this is what we found:Our front door is behind that tree limb. To be perfectly honest: we were EXTREMLY lucky. While I was freaking out, Kasey was going to go outside to get a smaller limb that had fallen between our cars- he didnt want the wind to pick it up and smash it into one of our cars. He turned around to say something to me just before heading out into the storm, and in that brief instant it took for him to turn around and speak to me that tree limb came crashing down. If he hadnt stopped for a minute, that limb would have hit him. By the way- thats ,my car under the tree limb. Again, super lucky that it only put a couple of dents in my car.

Thank goodness for small miracles!!!

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