Saturday, March 20, 2010

So much to blog about!!

I've gotten so behind in my blogging! So today Im gonna play catch up and share three, yes 3!, different photo shoots with you today!
You might recognize this adorable little boy from the previous entry. Little C is just adorable and such a handful! I love taking pictures of him and I am so blessed that his parents wanted me to take some family pictures as well! These are two of the nicest people ever and Im so honored to be able to call them family! :) I hope these make you smile as much as they do me!!

The B Family!

SK was so happy to finally get not only some family pictures, but pictures of her and B as well.
I love this one!! I hope you do to SK!

This one just makes me want to have a kid... like now.

And there are no words for this one. It needs to be blown up BIG and hung somewhere in your house SK!

I am so in love with this picture.... I dont know what it is but it just makes me smile...

I had such a good time hanging out with the B family! Such love and playfulness. I cant wait until we get to do it again!! :)

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