Saturday, March 20, 2010

Last one of the day!

This was my latest shoot. I asked one of my friends if she wouldn't mind going out with me and letting me taking some pictures. I think K looks positively GORGEOUS!! I mean, she is gorgeous (as are all of my friends) but I was kind of blown away when I got home and actually looked at these up close.
I couldnt have asked for better weather, it was nice and warm with some big poofy clouds in the sky- just perfect!! Thank you K for being you- chock full of awesome sauce!


I like this one- its a little bit different, quirky; just my style.


Its so hard to choose but I really, really, really, I mean- really like this one!

So- when I go out to shoot with friends, I never have a specific place in mind. We just kind of drive around until something catchs my eye. This old, run down, abandoned house definately caught my eye.

Gotta love spring- buttercups are blooming!!

Thank you so much K!! I hope we get to do it again soon!! :)

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