Thursday, July 30, 2009

More wedding goodness!

Last week I participated in the "Show us your life: wedding dress edition" over at Kelly's Korner. Since I had such fun participating last week and seeing hundreds of dresses from other ladies and thought Id join in again this week! This week's the topic is "Show us your life: wedding party and flowers." Yay! More wedding stuff.

There are a lot of little things that made our wedding great. Number one, was that my family was flown out as a surprise to be at our wedding. Let me back up just a little... Im originally from California but moved out to Mississippi to be with my husband (who at the time was my boyfriend) but we chose to have our wedding in Gatlinburg, Tn. I honestly didnt think that my family was going to be able to make it out to our wedding and it broke my heart but I put on a good face anyways. Now, you might think- "we'll how in the world could she get married without here own family there. Who would do such a thing?" What you have to understand is that- either way we went about it, in any destination we chose, someone was going to be unhappy. We could have it in California, but then DH's entire family would have to fly out there; not too mention that it would have been considerably more expensive than we were able to fork over at the time. We could get married here, but then my family would have to travel. In the end we just decided to get married where WE wanted to. Fast forward to the week before the wedding. I was tired, stressed, and to be honest, a little depressed that my parents were not going to be at the wedding. Dh had been at work (I thought) and ended up calling me saying he would have to stay late at work. No biggie. Then at about 9pm he called saying he was on his way home and to get ready, his boss and his wife wanted to take us out to dinner. So I fixed myself up just a bit and off we went to the steakhouse just down the road. We got there and sat down, it just so happened that DHs grandparents were there as well that night (not unusual in our small town) and I didnt think anything of it. I had been sitting there for a couple of minutes when suddenly my mom and dad walked into the room and I nearly fell over. There were tears and hugs and everything else. It turned out that DH's boss and his wife had flown my parents out as a wedding gift to us- and the whole darn town knew about it and never said a word. To this day I still don't know how not a single soul spilled the beans. I cant express what their generosity means to me. Because of them I have my memories of my morning getting ready with my mom and the memories of my dad walking me down the aisle.

Our wedding party was amazing as well. My Matron of Honor was my best friend (on the right), whom I had gone through Army basic training with (and tons more too!). She flew in from Wyoming to share our special day and I will never be able to thank her enough. I was her MOH and she was mine. My other best friend was my other bridesmaid (on the left). She is the one who I see the most (she lives closest) and we never have a bad minute together, she can always make me laugh- I love that about her.

The guys were just as special. DH's best man was his brother (left). The other two groomsmen were his best friend (center) and then my brother (right). I cant thank them enough for everything they did for DH and I leading up to that day. Amazing guys, they are.

I knew I wanted to get married in the fall, I love the fall foliage (probably because it's not something I ever got to see in Ca) so I chose my colors to reflect that. I saw the bouquest somewhere and based everything off of that. The bridesmaids dresses were the same color as the berries in my bouquet. Which, by the way, Im still amazed that the girls dresses matched perfectly. One girl got her dress her in Ms and the other got hers in Utah! I simply gave them the color and told them to get a dress that they wanted to wear. AH-MA-ZING!
The chapel where we were married. Too cute, I think.Hubby and I :)The whole party.
One more of me.
We got married at Bluff Mountain Inn and had the best time there. Everyone was wonderful and took care of everything for me, it was all included. I didnt have to worry about a thing and I cant tell you how nice that was. I still get compliments on our wedding. Rick, Rhonda, Amanda, and everyone made every effort to make sure that nothing was lacking. Simply amazing!!

*Photos courtesy of RIK Photography*

Thanks for looking! Have a wonderful day!


  1. Your wedding pictures are beautiful!

  2. Just visiting from Kellys Korner

    Your bouquet is beautiful.

    And what a cute church!

  3. Hi, I am Tiffany's mother-in-law and just wanted to stress something she really didn't say. When she said the whole town knew her parents and brother were coming, everyone but her, I can promise you that is an understatement. I just knew my mom (hubby's grandmother) would let it slip. I have NO IDEA how she was able to keep HER mouth closed! :-) I love my mother dearly but oh lord does she ever talk...repeatedly! Even I am amazed that Tiff never got the slightest wind of the big suprise. The wedding was beautiful and I'm so very proud of both of these young people.