Thursday, September 3, 2009

Crimp My Style

I know its been a while. School has been crazy stressful and busy for me and will continue in the same fashion. At least its my last year, I just have to make it through and then I'll be alright.

I do have some exciting news that I wanted to share with whomever happens to read my blog. I have finally convinced my mom to put some of her work up on Etsy. Yay!! She has been selling her work for a few years now just out of her house and to whoever happened to come across it. I really wanted her to be able to put her work out there for a larger audience to see.

My parents raise Alpacas, which are in the same family as Llamas. They're super cute and almost quite huggable. In any case, my mom takes their fiber (fur) and has it spun into yarn. She then uses it to crochet all sorts of things. My mom has been crocheting for as long as I can remember and between her and my nana they taught me how as well. Im just not nearly as good at it as they are. My craftiness shows up in the form of scrapbooking and cake decorating.

I have a scarf that she made for me about a year or so ago and come winter I wear it everyday. The alpaca fiber is extremely soft and I love wearing items made from it. Right now mom's etsy shop is a little bare looking, simply because she just started putting things up on it. Right now she only has scarves up but I do know that she has recently finished a shawl and some fingerless gloves, as well as a bag or two. I expect these items to be put up for sale soon. She does take special orders and can crochet just about anything your little heart desires! Go check out her shop and give it some love!!

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