Sunday, December 27, 2009

The "R" Family

As everyone around me knows, I love taking photographs. It makes me happy and I love being able to see people through my lense; to catch those little moments. Usually I just grab one of my best friends and take random photos out in the woods or wherever we end up. One thing I never expected though was to be actually good at it. I take pictures because I like to... plain and simple. It makes me a very happy girl. However, here recently people have been asking me to take their pictures. It's a little like the realization of a dream coming true. Kind of surreal in fact.
Take for instance this lovely family: The "R" family. The dad is actually a friend of my husband's but the mom is the one who contacted me after seeing some of my other pictures on facebook.
We had to reschedule this shoot about 3 times because of the weather but finally we managed to find a day when it wasnt raining. It was however, quite cold. Luckily though all three of them were troopers- especially little "M". I had so much fun with this family and cannot wait to do it again... when its a little warmer! :)

The "R" Family

I just love how little M is very aware of me and what Im doing- that look is priceless. This was one of the first shots I took on that day.

What a gorgeous family!

It took a little bit but eventually M started warming up to me and even gave me a smile and a wave. How cute is she?

This is another picture that just makes my heart happy. I adore that she is walking between mom and dad and looking up at mom.

M started to get just a little fussy but dad quickly changed that with a tickle fest!

Not sure why, but I love this one. You can barely see little M peeking around and that tiny hand around dad's neck is so precious.


Thank you so much R family for a wonderful day and the opportunity to hang out with you. I hope to do it again soon!!

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