Sunday, January 31, 2010

The amazingly gorgeous "L" family!

I had the complete honor of being able to photograph an amazing family today. The L family was simply spectacular and I hope I am able to take some more pictures of them in the future! The models today consisted of a mom (a flippin gorgeous mom!) and her adorable 8 month old daughter and then all the cousins! I sure hope I was able to get some pictures to make everyone happy! We went to a local park and had a total blast. The boys ran around like crazy and had so much energy, I truly enjoyed my time with this wonderful family! Oh, and much appreciation goes out to the rest of the family (moms, dads, grandma, and grandpa) for helping to get and keep the attention of all the children so I could get a few with all of them looking at me!...well most of them anyhow. :)

~The L Family~

I am in love with the lighting at this location and these kids are gorgeous!! Such a cute group of cousins!

Mom and little J.

This girl! Honestly, I think I have found my new muse! She was amazing and I didnt get a bad picture of her all day! I hope one day that Ill be able to photograph her some more- shes gorgeous and quite the little camera ham too! (which I love) I didnt have to direct her hardly at all- she just struck a pose everytime I turned her way! :)

See what I mean by flippin gorgeous?!? And that sun flare is to die for!!

might be one of my new favorites!!

Big Sister, Little Brother!

I mean, come on! GORGEOUS!!!

These two kept me on my toes all afternoon! I had an utter blast with them though!

*Sigh* I love that lighting!!

This one is really special too!

LOL! Im so glad I was able to get this shot! He was full of emotions all day long and super adorable no matter what!

The boys being boys...

Mom and baby girl

Loving the boys in this one!

Had to get one of the girls!

Thanks so much L family for letting me be a part of your memories!! I hope we get to do it again soon! :)

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